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My Brother - Scenarios from the Sahel

Un film contre le SIDA, avec Awadi

Mamdou, aged 13, thinks he’s pretty cool. He has all the latest clothes and a big brother with a motorbike. But he also thinks it’s cool to treat people badly. At school, Mamadou refuses to sit next to Bokary, who has become an orphan due to AIDS, because, he says, « prevention is better than cure ». His teacher, enraged, sends Mamadou to an information centre to prepare an essay on AIDS. There, an unexpected encounter makes him realise that AIDS might just be closer to home than he thinks....

By Cheick Oumar Sissoko, Mali, based on an original idea by Justin Corréa, aged 23, Senegal, and featuring rap star Didier Awadi.

There are 13 films in the SCENARIOS FROM THE SAHEL collection. These are available in a growing range of African and European languages including English, French, Portuguese, Dioula, Pulaar, Wolof, Mooré, Fon and Twi...

Source : OneWorldTV

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