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Master Nomila

Senegalese Rapper Master Nomila records first album

Lamine Gueye (alias Master Nomila) is still young at an age of 24 but he is not new to the Hip Hop scene in Senegal. Rapper Master Nomila has been active for a long time, he was a member of several groups like Klan Saba, Pee Froiss, Daraj and Da Brains before he started working on his solo career. As his style was developing he has found that Gangsta Rap suited him best. As an addition to his own style Nomila sings in Wolof while most rappers sing in French hoping to reach a bigger audience. He can hardly read or write but this does not stop him from ’writing’ songs, he has a phenomenal memory as he creates and keeps all lyrics in his head. He had his first single out in 2005 which did well in Senegal. After this the wish to record an album became even greater. He now has been able to do that with support of the Prince Claus Fund. When director Els van der Plas was in Senegal in the first week of June 2008 she met with the Master and he gave her two brand new video clips, featuring him in a t-shirt with the logo of the Prince Claus Fund. He has told Els that one of the songs speaks about rappers not having to be so crude and vulgar in their songs.

Senegal has approximately 5000 Hip Hop/Rap groups, of which the majority live in the most underprivileged areas. Only 3 or 4 rappers have reached a broader audience and have been able to successfully record their music. Dakar is considered to be one of the capitals of African Hip Hop but the competition and limited resources make it difficult to become successful in the business.

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