African Diaspora présente Richie Spice

Des invités Sénégalais et Gambiens, entre autres Daddy Mory, Hakim Abdoulsamad, Mbegane Ndour, Dead Maxim, Pee Froiss, et Fla ‘’the Ripper’’ seront présents. À Dakar le 15 août, à l’Independance Stadium de Bakau le 16.

As part of a series of activities marking the birthday of Marcus Garvey, an erudite and outstanding pan-African human rights activist of the 20th century, Open Dream Productions is set to storm the Gambia on a massive African Diaspora artists musical tour.

This somewhat rare musical jamboree is organised by the Jamaican based Open Dream Productions in collaboration with Jambar records and ‘’Sen Ghigen’’ productions.The cross cutting multi-cultural music tour will feature the internationally renowned Jamaican reggae star, Richie Spice, alongside six other top flight artists drawn from Jamaica, USA, UK, Europe and other African renowned reggae and Hip pop artists, especially from Senegal and The Gambia.

The show will commence in Dakar, Senegal, on 15th August and switch over to the prestigious Independence Stadium in Bakau on 16th August, 2008. The accompanying top flight reggae and hip pop artists include Daddy Mory, Hakim Abdoulsamad, Mbegane Ndour, Dead Maxi, Pee Froiss, and Fla ‘’the Ripper’’, among others.

The tour will be exclusivelly hosted in Africa. The Gambia and Senegal are the two countries in Africa chosen as the venue for the event.The programme is meant to honor and pay glowing and heart rendering tribute to the life and dedication of the human rights activist, Marcus Garvey.

Marcus Garvey, undisputably served as a great inspirational figure to many Africans and people of African-descent as well as humanity at large, according to Olimata Taal, a renowned Gambian journalist based in Jamaica and a member of organising committee of the programme. Olimata Taal spoke at length on the life and untiring efforts made by Marcus Garvey towards promotion of the spirit of African unity and development throughout the world.

He served as a source of inspiration for many African leaders both past and current generation such as Kwame Kruma of Ghana, Saikou Touray of Guinea, Julius Nyerere of Tanzania, President Jammeh of The Gambia, etc. Miss Olimata Taal made these remarks in a recent chat with the Arts and Culture anchorman ahead of preparations for The Gambia to host the 16th August 2008 Afrivan Diaspora musical tour.

The Jamaica-based Gambian, seized the opportunity to urge both the public and private sector to extend a generous supportive hand in sponsorship of the programme as she made conclusive and remarkable reference to the sister Republic of Senegal, where she said, the tour had received a huge amount of sponsorship. Commenting on the life and activities of the seven top flight artists about to storm The Gambia, Miss Taal described them as real pacesetters in the world of reggae and other specialised professions, especially the main artist of the event, Richie Spice, who hails from Jamaica. This rare showbiz event is a must for all music lovers to attend.

The programme is expected to be one of the best and biggest summer musical showbiz ever to be held on Gambian soil. It will concide with the famous back-to-school programme of the year.

Olimata Taal explained that, the Open Dream Promotion is a company that specialises in audio-visual production adding that Sen Ghigen Productions specialises in public relations, coordinating events, organising tours, booking artists, hosting media shows in the field of reggae music and the hip pop world. The production company according to her, has developed an international reputation for organising projects in Africa, the Caribbean, USA, UK and other European countries.

“The company’s mission is to use music to heal the world and use it as a tool for educating, informing and entertaining as well as providing an environment for learning and enjoyment,’’ she concluded.

Author : by Sanna Jawara

Source : WOW

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