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Killah Ace Represents Gambia in FESTA2H

samedi 29 juin 2013

One of Gambia’s promising hip-hop rappers in recent times, Killa Ace alias Ali Baba (Alla Bai Soldier), is currently in Dakar, where he is participating in a mega music electrifying project courtesy of FESTA2H, a movement which promotes hip-hop music based in Dakar, Senegal.

Starting as a solo rapper doing hip-hop music in the streets of America during his early ages, Killa Ace is the founder of Straight from Jupiter Entertainment Company, a movement credited for introducing the biggest hip-hop show which happens once monthly called the ’Cypher Rap Battle’. He has been releasing songs, mixtapes and is keen in dropping such as the dropping bombs part one and two including compilation albums with national and international musicians and different video projects. On 8 June 2013, he participated in a rap show competition held at Alliance Francaise Cultural Show and after performing on stage, he was elected as the representative winner out of the various hip-hop rappers by judges from Senegal. The events started on Friday 14th June to 22nd June 2013. It was held in Rufisque and Pikine in Dakar with representatives from Gambia, Morocco, Chad, Zimbabwe, Niger, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Mauritania, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, U.K, France Netherlands and U.S.A. On Friday 21st June, the Zimbabwean hip-hop star NTM invited Killa Ace in one of his songs during on stage performance which was a marvelous combination. Killer Ace later rocked the stage on the 22nd June in a Mega Cultural Concert in Pikine, where he thrilled the audience with some fascinating songs. Speaking during an interview, Killar Ace thanked Almighty Allah and applauded the support of his Gambian fans and the Cypher Movement in particular. He noted that this is the biggest platinum show he has ever performed.

For his part, the Director General of FESTA2H, Association Afri Culturban, Mr. Amadou Faal Bah, said in an interview with the press that Africulturban Association was formed February 2006 and aims to promote hip-hop and urban cultures globally. The theme of the festival, he added, is to generate and promote grafitti, rap, djing, slam, B boy, Beat box, Break Dance, Poetry, Festivals, Concert, Exhibitions, and Workshop amongst a host of other things. He explained that at the end of the events, musicians will be awarded with packages. He finally concluded by advising all artistes to believe and respect what they love, which is music.

Amadou also thanked Killar Ace for doing a wonderful performance during the 8 edition of the international festival of hip-hop and urban culture.

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